Quick Tips for Parents

  1. Wash your children’s hands often, and always before they eat.
  2. Keep your floors clean by damp mopping and vacuuming often.  Click here for a non toxic cleaning recipe.
  3. Leave outside shoes at the door.
  4. Dust frequently with a damp cloth, especially window ledges & countertops.
  5. Eat regular, healthy, balanced meals. Choose food with high calcium, iron and vitamin C. Eat together at the table. Check out our Nutrition brochure.
  6. Cover bare soil areas in your yard. Play on the grass or in clean sandboxes.
  7. Keep outdoor play areas clean. Cover the sandbox when not in use. Hose the driveway often.
  8. Renovate safely. Contact us for free safety supplies and information.
  9. Get involved with our program!

To download a PDF of our health tips posters, click here.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.