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Lead & Your Family's Health

This brochure provides information on how to keep your family healthy and safe as well as details on our Family Health Program.

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Lead Safe Renovation Brochure

This brochure explains the importance of lead safe renovation and describes programs available to Do-It-Yourselfers, contractors and people hiring contractors.  It also gives tips for doing lead-safe home renovations.

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Fall 2016 Newsletter

This newsletter has information on radon testing, an Air Quality Update, the THEP public consultation, and a feature on Tiffany Armstrong, one of our THEC community reps.

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Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter

Check it out! New FREE Healthy Renovation Program; visit us at The Trail Market Family Zone; Trail Area Lead Safe Contractors.

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Fall 2017 Newsletter

Read articles on:  Children’s Lead Testing, Decluttering to Reduce Dust, Radon Testing, Children’s Development Screening, and a Profile on Community Volunteer Member Marylynn Rakuson

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Health Tips Mini Posters

A series of fridge magnets (and mini posters) designed to give you and your family some simple, quick tips to making sure your home and yard are healthy and safe.

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Greening Your Garden

Tips to prevent lead exposure in your yard and garden.

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Interview with Dr. Nelson Ames

Dr. Nelson Ames, former Medical Health Officer for the Kootenays (retired) answers common community questions in this interview.. Dr. Ames has been involved with lead health issues in Trail since 1988.

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