I’m a Parent

Trail is a wonderful place to raise a family – there are many great programs, recreation facilities, activities and play areas.  Our program is designed to help you keep your children and family healthy and safe regarding smelter metals and support your children’s healthy development. We have helpful information on how to reduce lead exposure at home, improve children’s nutrition, and help you renovate safely.

Two of our programs offer specific support to families with young children – Family Health and Home & Garden.

For more than 25 years, we’ve worked to improve air quality and reduce children’s blood lead levels.  We’ve made significant progress and we are confident that our efforts will further reduce lead exposure in the community. Dr Nelson Ames, Retired Medical Health Officer, states: “I would have no hesitation to live in Trail and I would have no hesitation to live there if I had young children.”

Please contact the Family Health Program if you live in Trail or Rivervale and:
• you have children under 3 years of age,
• you’re expecting or have just had a baby,
• you are new to the community and have young children or are expecting.
Please tell your neighbours, friends, daughter, nephew etc how to reach us if they have young children or have questions.

We have two programs, Healthy Families and Healthy Homes, for expectant families and families with children under 36 months.  

The Healthy Families Program includes a home visit from the Jeannine Stefani, Interior Health Public Health Registered Nurse.  This program is for families with children under 12 months of age.  Jeannine will answer parents’ questions about their children’s healthy development and how to prevent lead exposure.  Jeannine can make referrals to other public health and early learning programs as well as to our Home & Garden Program.

The Healthy Homes Program is for families who are expecting a baby or who have children under 3 years of age.  This program includes soil testing and an in-home visit from a Community Programs Representative to identify potential sources of lead exposure indoors and outdoors. Our staff will discuss the soil testing results as well as any yard improvement work or soil remediation that may be warranted.   

If you are expecting a baby, please contact us to sign up for these services.

Please check out all of the features of this part of the website.  If you have questions about the health risks from lead and other metals, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Family Health Program.  

If you’re doing home renovations, please contact the Community Program Office and check out the I’m Renovating section of this website.  We can provide homeowners and renters in Trail and Rivervale with lead-safety equipment such as half mask respirators and filters, work gloves, plastic sheeting, garbage bags, and loan of HEPA vacuums and HEPA power tools.  This service applies to homeowners and tenants of pre-1976 homes throughout the Lower Columbia.