Parent Quick Tips

Quick Tips for Parents

  • Wash your children’s hands often, and always before they eat.
  • Keep your floors clean by damp mopping and vacuuming often.  Click here for a non toxic cleaning recipe.
  • Leave outside shoes at the door.
  • Dust frequently with a damp cloth, especially window ledges & countertops.
  • Eat regular, healthy, balanced meals. Choose food with high calcium, iron and vitamin C. Eat together at the table.
  • Cover bare soil areas in your yard. Play on the grass or in clean sandboxes.
  • Keep outdoor play areas clean. Cover the sandbox when not in use. Hose the driveway often.
  • Renovate safely. Contact us for free safety supplies and information.
  • Get involved with our program!

To download a PDF of our health tips posters, click here.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.