Renovating Quick Tips

Additional Tips from Lead Safe Renovators

How Can I Be Lead Safe when Cleaning the Gutters?

A suggestion from a Trail Area Lead Safe Contractor is to use a Shop Vac with a long hose to get all the dust and debris out of the gutters, preventing clogged downspounts and keeping dust down.

How Can I Contain Dust when removing Roofing Materials?

A roofing contractor showed us how he leans plywood against the side of a house or fence with a tarp underneath on the ground. This acts as sheeting when the old shingles are pulled off and it protects the house, keeps the dust contained, and can be easily vacuumed or hosed off at the end of the project and re-used.

How Can I Tell if My Shop Vac is Leaking?

One trick we’ve learned is to rub dish soap around the seal and turn on the vacuum. If you see bubbles, there’s a leak. Consider fixing the seal with vaseline or something similar. If that doesn’t work, you may need a new part, a new vacuum, or maybe you’ll find a new fix and have a new tip for us. If you are buying a new vacuum, buy a HEPA shop vac to really keep dust down!

How Do I Know if there is Lead Paint in my Home?

If the home is older than 1976, you can assume there is lead paint in the layers and on at least some surfaces. We recommend that you be lead-safe and protect yourself and others from exposure to renovation dust and paint chips. If you want to test for lead paint, there are simple test kits that can be purchased or you can send a paint chip to a lab for analysis. As noted above, you’re best to assume there is some lead paint and use lead safe practices.