Resident Quick Tips

Quick Tips for Residents

Be Lead-safe at Home

1. Always wash your hands and children’s hands before eating and after working or playing outside.
2. Don’t eat or touch your mouth when gardening or working with soil or dust.
3. Remove outside shoes in the house.
4. Cover up areas of bare soil in your yard.
5. Damp mop and damp wipe floors and surfaces regularly

Renovate Safely

1. Seal off work area from the rest of the house.  Keep family and pets out of the work area.
2. Always wear personal protective gear.  Wash face and hands before taking breaks.
3. Keep work gear in the work area.  Wash work clothes separately.
4. Keep the work area clean and tidy.  Work wet, wiping surfaces to keep dust down.
5. Place waste materials in secure containers for storing and transporting.
6. Clean up thoroughly.  Remove waste and HEPA vacuum the entire space. Wash all surfaces and vacuum again.  Click here for a non toxic cleaning recipe.

To download a PDF of our health tips posters, click here.
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