The Program

The Trail Area Health & Environment Program is a comprehensive, community-led program with five areas of activity that work together to achieve our mission:
To promote people’s health and a healthy environment, with a focus on preventing children’s exposure to lead.

The THEP team shares the comprehensive program in place to improve air quality, support family health and keep homes, gardens and parks healthy and safe.


Presented in 2021

THEP Program Areas

Our unique collaboration

In 2011 the THEC was a Premiers Award Finalist for their tireless work to improve the health of citizens and the environment around its city. While navigating a complex mix of municipal, provincial and federal regulations, the THEC became an internationally recognized model of effective partnership and community engagement.


Produced in 2011 as a 2010/11 Premier’s Awards Regional Finalist — Interior/North in the category: Partnership

Presented in 2021

Trail Community Lead Task Force

Current programs are rooted in scientific research and input from the Trail Community Lead Task Force. Steve Hilts, THEC community member, provides an overview of the studies and key findings.