Parks, playgrounds, child-care facilities, and schools in Trail have also been assessed.

Gyro in Trail
Parks in Trail

Ground cover is very good in our schools, parks, and playgrounds, but if you notice poor ground cover in these places, please

Common questions about parks in the Trail Area

What is THEP soil management?

THEP soil management begins with soil testing and, depending on metal levels, may include covering bare soil, improving lawn condition, and at times replacing contaminated soil with clean fill. The entire process from soil testing to soil management is described in this infographic.

What is a ground-cover evaluation? 

During a ground-cover evaluation, the Community Program representative checks the amount of bare soil in a yard. Bare soil is a source of dust and may contain lead. 

How is soil at daycare facilities addressed?  

THEP has completed soil testing at daycares in Trail and area and has provided soil management where recommended.

If you know of a new daycare facility opening in THEP’s Soil Management Area, please contact THEP to arrange soil testing. 

Is it safe to play in parks and playgrounds in Trail?

Yes, it is safe to play at parks and playgrounds in Trail and in THEP’s Soil Management Area.

Parks and playgrounds in Trail, Rivervale and select parks in Warfield have been assessed and soil management has been completed where needed. Park spaces in the City of Trail are maintained to a high standard and generally have excellent ground cover. If you notice poor ground cover at parks or playgrounds, please contact the City of Trail and/or the Community Program Office. Still, always wash children’s hands (and yours) after outdoor play and before eating.

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