The Trail Area Health & Environment Committee (THEC) is a partnership between the local community, Teck, Interior Health and the BC Ministry of Environment. THEC is formally established as a Sub-Committee of the City of Trail and oversees the program.

The Committee has operated since 1990 and for the first 11 years, it was known as the Trail Community Lead Task Force. In 2001, the Trail Area Health & Environment Committee was established with a similar structure and purpose to reduce children’s exposure to lead and other smelter metals in the community. The THEC reviews and refines the program on an ongoing basis to incorporate the latest scientific information and evidence-based strategies. Current THEC members are listed here (PDF).

Community Involvement

Community involvement is central to the THEC and its programs. Public consultations to ensure goals and activities meet local needs were held in 2000, 2010 and 2016. The committee is always looking for community members to join the discussions. Contact us to learn more about joining the THEC.  

Meetings are held five times a year and are open to the public and the media. Working groups are established on an as need basis and meet regularly. THEC meeting minutes are available online. Twice a year, the program also publishes a community newsletter that gets delivered to every household in Trail, Rivervale, Warfield, Oasis, Casino and Waneta.  

THEC was a founding member of the Family Action Network (FAN) , a collaboration of organizations and service providers dedicated to making the Lower Columbia region the best place to raise a family.

The program team can be found throughout the community sharing information, support and services.

Organization Diagram

Program timeline


The THEC has been working to reduce children’s exposure to lead and other smelter metals in the community for more than three decades. Public consultations on program development and goals took place in 2000, 2010 and 2016.


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