The Trail Area Health & Environment Committee (THEC) oversees our program. THEC is a partnership between the local community, Teck, Interior Health and the BC Ministry of Environment. THEC is formally established as a Sub-Committee of the City of Trail.

About the Committee (THEC)
THEC is responsible for the Trail Area Health & Environment Program (THEP).  THEC reviews and refines the program regularly to incorporate the latest scientific information and evidence-based strategies. THEC has access to Teck’s environmental monitoring data and receives regular summary reports. For more than 25 years, THEC has worked to improve air quality and reduce lead exposure in children.

Community involvement has always been central to decision-making. The THEC has a Community and Families Working Group that provides advice on how to improve our connection to the community and the services we provide.   All Trail area residents are welcome to attend: it’s a great way to learn more about the program and get involved.  Please contact the Community Program Office if you would like to attend the next meeting.  

The THEC consulted the public in 2000, 2010 and 2016 to make sure that its goals were acceptable to the community and that its activities met local needs.  Results of the 2016 consultation will be posted here when they are available. 

There are 6 community members-at-large on the THEC. Meetings are open to the public and the media. The minutes are available on this website. Twice a year, the THEC publishes a community newsletter that gets delivered to every household in Trail, Rivervale, Warfield, Oasis, Casino and Waneta. Changes to programs are announced in the newsletter, on the website and are typically reported in the local media.

The Committee has operated since 1990. For the first 11 years, it was known as the Trail Community Lead Task Force. The Task Force was formed as a community-industry-government partnership to reduce children’s blood lead levels. From the start, the Task Force established community priorities and adopted a community-driven approach. This approach has been recognized internationally as an effective collaborative model for protecting health and the environment.

Today, the Committee sees its mandate more broadly.  While the main focus is preventing exposure to smelter metals in the community, the Committee is actively involved in partnerships and projects that promote children’s healthy development.  THEC is a founding member of the Family Action Network, an organization dedicated to making the Lower Columbia region the best place to raise a family.  In 2013, THEC started two programs for expectant families and families with children under 36 months of age in Trail and Rivervale to help them keep their children healthy and their home and yard environments healthy and safe.

Trail Area Health & Environment Committee Meeting Minutes:
To access the THEC meeting minutes, please go to the minutes section of our resource library.