For Contractors


We have a new opportunity for Contractors to set the example of being lead safe. If you are a contractor that works in the Trail Area, become a Trail Area Lead Safe Contractor in a few simple steps:

  1. Watch our Lead Safe Reno Videos to see how simple Lead Safe Renovation really is (you are probably already doing a lot of it!)
  2. Arrange a site visit with a member from the Community Program Office to discuss and evaluate lead safe practices
  3. Sign off that you will work Lead-Safe
  4. Renew your Lead Safe Contractor status annually

If you become a Trail Area Lead Safe Contractor, we will offer you:

  • FREE publicity on our website, newsletter and at our Community Program Office – get some free advertising and referrals through us!
  • FREE One time trial of HEPA tools and vacuum supplies – try before you buy! See how HEPA tools can help you work quickly and keep dust down as you go!
  • FREE HEPA filter and shop vac bags for your existing shop vac – keep dust down using a shop vac instead of sweeping up!