Spot the Difference!

Spot the Difference!

Find all 12 healthy home & yard improvements.

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Spot the Difference
SPOT the difference and download our colouring activity sheet. Answers Below!

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Differences you will see in the yard

Actions related to covering bare dirt:
  • Dog run zone in the yard
  • Ground cover (grass) under the swings
  • Ground cover around the bushes.
Actions related to keeping the yard healthy:
  • No more mushrooms
  • Watering system to keep grass healthy

Differences you will see on the house or indoors

Activities related to keeping indoor dust down:
  • Door mat at the front door
  • Leave shoes at the door
  • Windows and doors closed when windy to keep outdoor dust outside
  • Wet mopping the floors
Activities to reduce babies and children exposure to dust:
  • Covered sandbox after playing
  • Baby playing on a blanket when on the floor
  • Soap at the sink for handwashing before snacks and meals