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Health & Environment Committee Celebrates 25 Years with Renewed Collaboration

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 – The Trail Area Health & Environment Committee (THEC) finalized its new ‘Trail Area Health & Environment Program’ document and signed a renewed commitment to continue its collaboration which has spanned 25 years. “The document describes THEC’s activities and initiatives, as well as sets out near and longer-term objectives and initiatives that will be the basis of the THEC’s efforts to continue improving the health and wellbeing of our community,” states THEC Chair, Mayor Dieter Bogs.

“This is a milestone for our community! We have renewed our commitment to the community-led, collaborative approach of the Trail Health and Environment Committee. We recognize the success of our program and we’re committed to it continuing and evolving in the future to achieve our health and environment goals,” adds Mayor Bogs. “The THEC partnership between the community, government, and the company is unique in that we work together to determine what needs to be done and everyone does their part. We’re very proud of this accomplishment in Trail. It takes hard work from our Committee members and we’ve done this now for 25 years, and have been recognized provincially and internationally for our collaborative approach.”

The document will also form the basis of a wide area remediation plan to be submitted to the BC Ministry of Environment, Land Remediation Section. The THEC will next be preparing for public consultation in 2015, to set new health and environment goals and solicit public feedback on the THEC program document.


The Trail Area Health & Environment Program is a community-led program with 5 main areas of activity: Family Health, Home & Garden, Air Quality, Parks and Wildlands, and Property Development. THEC promotes a healthy environment through a comprehensive integrated program that successfully achieves our goals for air quality and children’s blood lead levels, and promotes the health of the community. The Air Quality Program reduces smelter emissions and makes the largest contribution to achieving health and environment goals. All our activities work together to get the best results – lower exposure and a healthier environment.

THEC Renews CollaborationThe Trail Area Health & Environment Committee (THEC) oversees the program. THEC is a partnership between the local community, Teck, the Ministry of Environment, and Interior Health. Over the past two decades of successful collaboration, children’s blood lead levels in Trail have reduced significantly and air quality has greatly improved. THEC’s community-led partnership has been recognized internationally as an effective collaborative model for safeguarding health and the environment. In 2011 the program received a Premier’s Innovation and Excellence Award for Partnership. For more information please visit

For More information, please see the THEP Program Document.