Homeowners Guide
to Soil Remediation

Soil management is one way to reduce exposure to metals in your home and yard environment. Soil remediation is part of soil management.

The soil remediation process

Soil management plans are unique to each property and depend on the layout and size of the yard, lead levels in soil and ground cover. The whole process can take over a year from initial planning to completion. Yards with difficult access take longer to plan and remediate.

Soil remediation involves several steps:

  1. Planning and Remediation Agreement
  2. Prepare the Yard
  3. Soil Removal and Sampling
  4. Replace Soil with Clean Backfill
  5. Restore Landscaping
  6. Homeowner Care for New Landscaping
  7. Completion Records and Report
Areas Excluded

What’s excluded?

Possible exposure to metals in soil is generally low as these areas are hard to reach or have permanent cover. In some cases work in these areas could create hazards.

How long does the soil remediation process take?

From start to finish soil remediation can take several years to complete. Most of the time is spent planning and scheduling and then wrapping up the reporting and documentation for the project. The onsite work typically only takes a few weeks.

Spol Remediation timeline diagram

Step-by-step guide to soil remediation

Lead Exposure Pathways Diagram

Resident Safety During Remediation

Safety information will be provided to you before the work begins.

Key safety tips are:

Cover Soil

Keep kids and pets out of the active work areas.

Hose icon

Help keep dust down!

Leave Shoes at Door icon

Store or secure personal belongings.

wet mop floor icon

Watch out for increased traffic.

Hose icon

Keep clear of equipment and materials.

Many people make remediation successful

homeowner icon


  • Understand the remediation process
  • Participate in the work planning and make decisions
  • Ask questions
  • Communicate directly with Home & Garden
Contractor icon


  • Complete the work according to the remediation plan
  • Ensure the work is done safely
  • Identify issues and concerns and bring them to Home & Garden
Home and Garden Team Icon

Home & Garden Team

  • Answer questions from the homeowner and contractors
  • Plan, Coordinate and schedule the remediation work
  • Communicate with homeowners, contractors, Teck & Ministry of Environment
  • Monitor contractors and sample the soil
  • Keep records, document the work and provide reports
Teck Employee Icon


  • Responsible party for Soil Management Program under the BC Contaminated Sites Regulation
  • Provides technical support and funding for the Soil Management Program
  • Hires the Remediation Contractor and Home and Garden Team

Have you had your soil tested?