Media Release – Trail Area Health & Environment Program Leading the Way!

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July 6, 2022, Trail, B.C. – The Trail Area Health & Environment Program (THEP) has caught the attention of Australian communities that have active smelting operations. In Trail, the average blood lead level in children has been less than 3 micrograms per decilitre since 2018 and Pb (lead) in air as measured at Butler Park in Trail, sits well below the standard set by the USA Environmental Protection Agency.

Hoping to learn from Trail’s experience, between June 20-23, 2022, government, company and community representatives from South Australia participated in face-to-face and virtual learning sessions. Visitors met with their counterparts to discuss health, air quality, soil
management, community engagement and governance. The week ended with a commitment to developing a global community of learning and knowledge sharing for programs that focus on enabling a healthy community where active lead smelting facilities operate.

Touring West Trail
Touring West Trail to better understand the challenges associated with managing soil on steep lots with limited access for equipment.