THEP Strategic Directions Plan 2022

The Strategic Directions Plan (2022-2027) is a guide the partners can use to work together toward their shared ambitions. Its strength is that while people often come from different viewpoints, the partners acknowledge the cooperative spirit by which this Program has been developed. This document sets out the broad areas of work, aspirations, and milestones to achieve. 

The Trail Area Health & Environment Program (THEP, also referred to as the Program) represents a unique collaboration in support of community health and wellbeing in an area influenced by smelter air emissions for over 125 years. The comprehensive Program enables the community to understand and navigate ways to reduce exposure to lead (Pb), as well as sulphur dioxide (SO2). Program components focus on air, health, soil, built environments (e.g. homes, daycares, civic buildings, fences, sheds, etc), and community connection, while keeping the perspective of the whole in mind. The Program also addresses the inherent overlap of different exposure pathways and maximizes opportunities for improving health and the environment through an integrated approach.  

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