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What is THEC?

The Trail Health & Environment Committee was formally established as a select committee of the City of Trail. THEC’s mandate is to be a transparent platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue, collective decision-making and community engagement with respect to THEP. The Terms of Reference are approved by Trail city council and are intended to be reviewed on the same five-year schedule as updates to the strategic plan. THEC was established in 2001 by the Trail Lead Task Force which conducted research on the issues for 10 years prior.

Role as per Terms of Reference updated and approved June 2022:
• Participate in decision-making and approve the strategic direction of THEP. 
• Monitor and advise Trail city council on the implementation of THEP.
• Support collaboration between Program partners in an effort for the whole to be greater than the sum of the parts.
• Help interpret and understand the complexities of the comprehensive Program, including contextualizing information to the local area.
• Establish and convene working groups from time to time to investigate and make recommendations on specific issues (for example Air Quality Working Group, Community Renewal Working Group).
• Facilitate public communication and oversight with respect to delivery of services and progress toward the joint goals and objectives of THEP.
• Provide a voice for the community of Trail in related processes sometimes taking place concurrently, and relevant to attaining the stated goals and objectives.
• Be a mechanism for Program accountability to the community, the City, as well as between the partners.   

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