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What can I do to keep my family healthy in a community with a smelter?

The most effective way to reduce children’s potential ingestion of lead is to keep indoor dust down. Connect (or reconnect) with the public health nurse and community program office for a home visit to look more closely at nutrition, diet and the home and yard environment. They will connect with you community resources and groups that support early childhood development. They can also provide useful supplies to keep dust down in the home environment, such as a vacuum (or replacement bags), dust buster kits, hand soap, and lead-safe renovation supplies.

Families with children under 12 months are offered a free Healthy Families home visit. A public health nurse will meet with parents to answer their questions and show simple ways to promote children’s health and wellbeing, and reduce lead exposure. Young children in Trail, Casino, Oasis, Rivervale, Waneta and Warfield are invited to have their blood lead levels tested each year starting from the age of 6 months to 36 months.

All programs are voluntary.

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