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Who sits on the Trail Area Health & Environment Committee (THEC)?

Membership on the Committee aims to include those with a potential interest in the activities of THEP, and shall consist of:

  • The City of Trail Mayor, or a designate from city council, who shall act as Chair
  • 1 member of Trail City Council, who shall act as alternate Chair
  • 1 member appointed by the following local governments, or their designate
    • Village of Warfield
    • RDKB Electoral Area A
    • RDKB Electoral Area B
  • 2 members from Teck Trail Operations
  • 2 members from Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
    • Member specific to authorizations south
    • Member specific to land remediation section
  • 2 members from Interior Health
    • Medical Health Officer
    • Organizational representative
  • 1 member from United Steelworkers, Local 480 or 9705
  • Up to 6 members appointed from the public at large, or representative organizations, who are broadly reflective of the community.

All local governments in the Lower Columbia are invited to meetings of the Trail Area Health & Environment Committee. An updated list of members is available here.

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