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What should I do if I want to reduce dust in my home?

To avoid stirring up dust, use a damp mop on bare floors and use a damp cloth to wipe window sills, furniture, benches, toys, baseboards and other surfaces that children touch. Dry sweeping is not recommended as it lifts dust into the air only to have some of it settle back down again.

Areas where food is prepared or eaten and floors or surfaces where babies or toddlers spend lots of time should always be kept clean.
For carpeted floors, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter or ducted vacuum system. These vacuums filter fine dust particles and prevent dust from recirculating in the room.

Always wash your hands and children’s hands, especially before eating and after playing outdoors. Leave outside shoes at the door. Renovate safely, sealing off the area of work. Eat regular meals high in calcium, Vitamin C and iron.

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