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What support can I receive as a senior that may have lead based paint exposure in my home?

Lead based paint is in many pre-1990 homes in many communities. Lead paint is only a risk when the paint is chipping, flaking, crushed or sanded into dust.

THEP provides information and education to property owners and families about lead-based paint (LBP) hazards in and around the home environment with the goal to reduce children’s potential exposure.

Homeowners are responsible for managing identified sources of lead-based paint if they choose to.

THEP support is via education (Visit to view ‘how-to’ videos on removing exterior paint and keeping dust down while renovating). THEP also can provide lead-safe renovation supplies to keep the dust down while renovating.

If you are concerned that you or someone else in your home has been exposed to lead dust from renovations, talk to your family doctor for advice about potential exposure concerns.   HealthLink BC has information on lead based paint that we can email (or print and mail) to you if that is helpful:   For support in dispute resolution with your landlord, please contact the Residential Tenancy Board at: Residential Tenancies – Province of British Columbia (   or toll free: 1-800-665-8779.  

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