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What is Teck doing to reduce Pb emissions?

Over the past 30 years, there have been significant improvements in community air quality and over $1.7 billion has been invested in a modernization program to improve our operational and environmental performance at Teck Trail Operations. Since the installation of the KIVCET Smelter in 1997 and subsequent operations improvements at Teck Trail Operations, there has been a 99.5% reduction in stack lead emissions.

The Air Quality Program, one of five programs overseen by the Trail Area Health & Environment Committee, is managed by Teck Trail Operations, and continues to reduce lead in the environment through the comprehensive Fugitive Dust Reduction Program.

Fugitive dust reduction efforts include:

  • construction of the Smelter Recycle Building, close to the size of two Canadian football fields, in 2016 to enclose mixing and storage of process feed materials;
  • installation of a ten-metre high wind fence reducing dusting where we mix feeds; 
  • installation of wheel washes and truck washes onsite help reduce tracking of materials onto roads;
  • onsite street cleaning, via street sweepers and water trucks, provide a year-round program of roadway sweeping and flushing; and,
  • identification and reduction of fugitive dust sources from work activities in our operating plants. 
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