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Why do we have SO2 in Trail?

SO2 is emitted by Teck Trail Operations as a by-product of processing mine concentrates, which contain sulphur, into metal and chemical products. With environmental improvements, SO2 emissions continue to decline. Teck Trail Operations currently captures more than 99% of the sulphur and converts it to by-products, such as fertilizer and sulphuric acid. About 1% leaves the operation through emissions to air. Sulphur capture at Teck Trail Operations is similar to what you might find at a brand-new smelter. However, the dispersion of air emissions from the smelter is constrained due to the location of the smelter, weather and the surrounding topography. SO2 levels in Trail are not static and fluctuate throughout the day, month and year. See docs 7 and 8 for more information on SO2 levels.

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