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Why are community members on the THEC?

Community leadership and participation on THEC is fundamental to its success. Community engagement has ensured a potentially stigmatizing issue is a community success story. This is exemplified by exceptionally high participation rates in children’s lead testing clinics and other programs, owing in large part to the high degree of trust and goodwill generated by the Program. Community leaders keep up the conversation, provide local context, and root strategic directions in on-the-ground realities. The community voice helps to hold all partners accountable to the residents and each other.

Without the community at the table, THEC would revert to being a regulatory discussion between industry and government, excluding the people that the programs are intended to benefit. Meaningful involvement of people in decisions affecting their life/health is itself a determinant of health. Effective citizen participation requires a facilitative effort because of the complexity of the issues; however community members will voice their perspectives if they are empowered and listened to.

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