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Is drinking water a source of lead exposure in Trail?

Lead in drinking water is not considered a source of lead exposure in the City of Trail. Drinking water is tested regularly at the City’s two sources and confirmed to meet all the guidelines for Canadian drinking water quality for metals (including lead), chemicals and other potential risks to water quality. The City’s drinking water is believed to be at low risk of leaching lead from the distribution system. This is supported by water quality monitoring and testing at a number of locations throughout the city’s drinking water system. For more information, contact

If you have concerns about lead pipes in your home, you can have your water tested. Click this link for labs in B.C. approved by the Provincial Health Officer for drinking water.

HealthLinkBC provides additional information on lead in drinking water, including how you can protect yourself and family.
Finally, if you don’t know what kind of pipes you have, there is a helpful online tool to test whether you are likely to have lead water.

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